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Offshore Tax Consulting & Compliance Services

Are you a U.S. taxpayer that owns offshore assets or plan on investing offshore? 

Have you received letters from the U.S. government or financial institutions regarding the tax compliance of your foreign assets?

Has the U.S. government threatened to seize or penalize your foreign assets stemming from FATCA or FBAR violations?


Pure Tax International Group counsels individuals and institutions in the United States on the unique tax consequences that are associated with their foreign investments. Our specialized team of International Tax Attorneys and CPAs will help you navigate through the complex arena of foreign tax law and compliance codes by representing your best interests with the IRS, Department of Treasury, and foreign financial institutions (FFI's). 

Dealing with the complex foreign tax regulations mandated by the U.S. government can be overwhelming, and now with the strict and ever-changing regulations government bureaus are imposing on foreign assets, it's important that you have professional representation. When dealing with international tax compliance issues, you need a professional advocate on your side that understands your hardships and concerns. A call to the dedicated international tax specialists at Pure Tax International is the first step in relieving any burdens involved with offshore banking, trusts, investments, or assets of any kind.


  • The Pure Tax International Advantage


    Unlike the faceless tax relief firms you encounter on the TV, radio, and internet, Pure Tax International provides an in-house team of tax professionals that offer top-notch customer service to U.S. taxpayers in need of foreign tax resolution or consulting.

    Fully licensed, our International Tax Attorneys work directly with our clients from start to finish.  They are trained to evaluate your unique international tax situation and construct a plan that suits your needs, while keeping you informed every step of the way.

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  • Our Resolution Process

    resolution process

    If you are facing international tax complications of any kind, contact us today to schedule a free personal evaluation.  Our team of International Tax Attorneys and CPAs will work directly with you to evaluate your international tax issue in confidentiality, and construct a personalized plan to address any international compliance issues with the U.S. Government and financial institutions.

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International Tax Practices

Our team of international tax specialists can guide you through the complicated laws and regulations involved with owning foreign investments

FBAR Compliance

Are your offshore bank accounts in FBAR compliance? If you own offshore bank accounts of any kind, Pure Tax International can address FBAR complications and help you avoid penalties.

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FATCA Compliance

U.S. taxpayers with foreign assets of any kind, along with their offshore financial institution(s), are subject to FATCA reporting laws. Are you in compliance? Are you at risk of hefty penalties or criminal investigation?

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OVDP Enrollment

The Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program allows U.S. taxpayers with foreign assets avoid FBAR penalties and criminal investigation. Pure Tax International consults with investors to pursue OVDP enrollment.

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