Client Testimonials


A few years ago, I contacted Tim and retained the services of Pure Tax Resolution for an international tax compliance issue. Their dedication, professionalism, and the quality of the services they provided were outstanding. During that time, I worked closely with their attorneys who were always very personable, attentive, and made themselves available to address my questions or concerns. Within a shorter time frame than I initially expected, Pure Tax Resolution brought me into full compliance, helping me avoid significant penalties and a potentially very stressful situation. With special thanks to Atty. Maddi Benedict, I am eternally grateful to the Pure Tax Team. Throughout the entire process, I felt that they truly had my best interest at heart; and their services were rendered at a very competitive and fair price.

~ Oliver W. (Google)


International and State Tax Attorneys think thoroughly the plan of action to protect you from the IRS. Trustworthy, super smooth and professional to work with. I am so happy l chose Pure Tax. They know how to figure IRS ISSUES out!

~ Kimberly T. (Google)


I received the best legal advice, amongst many, with the Pure Tax team, regarding tax questions I had. The three separate encounters I had with different team members, were all extremely helpful. I must say that it was one of the best experiences I've ever had throughout my many years of dealing with attorney's I would highly recommend Pure Tax.

~ Tony S. (Google)


I highly recommend this company! They're extremely professional and their customer service was exceptional. Throughout the whole experience, they were really helpful and clearly experts on the given case. They have different attorneys for different types of cases which makes it very convenient! Again, highly recommend.

~ Sharon S.  (Google)


I highly recommend this firm. Tim and his staff are professional, polite, and knowledgeable. They are always polite, helpful, and prompt. They helped me navigate a difficult situation and provide an invaluable service. Top notch!

~ Eunice H. (Google)


I highly recommend this firm, especially Andrew. He is responsive, considerate and client-focused. Tax issues are stressful. Your business and personal reputation and financial considerations are too important to delay seeking assistance. There are many tax firms throughout Texas and the country who often overstate their abilities to obtain tax relief for their clients. Pure Tax is not one of them. Pure Tax delivers great results. Your decision to engage a tax firm is important. Do your due diligence. I consulted with numerous firms before retaining Pure Tax. I am extremely pleased my decision was the right one. Your time and Pure Tax firm's engagement on your behalf is a positive investment in your future business and/or personal tax issues.

~ Dan S. (Google)


I highly recommend Pure Tax Resolution! A year and a half ago, I was navigating through a very difficult divorce with complicated international tax issues. In desperation, I reached out to Pure Tax and not only was their team extremely professional and knowledgeable, they provided understanding and compassion throughout the entire process. A special thanks to Maddi, who helped get the tax issue resolved.

- Amy A. (Google)


Pure Tax Resolution was outstanding! I had a case where I unknowingly didn't file FBARS for previous years and they were great at treating my case with a sense or urgency and educating myself on what needed to be done. They are truly experts in their field and I would highly recommend working with them!

~ Narish R. (Google)


I highly recommend Pure Tax. Andrew Linke is very knowledgeable and put me at ease while taking the time to help me understand my situation.

~ Chris B. (Google)


My case was handled by a team which was very responsive, exercised attention to detail and most importantly was able to put me at ease throughout the entire process. Thank you PureTax!

- J. (Google)


After a horror show and a company in florida bleeding we out of a ton of money, I found Pure Tax and Maddi, they were the best. So nice and helpful
they finished in three months, the other company strung me along for over a year. THANKS YOU ARE THE GREATEST !!!!!!!!!!!

- Mark S. (Google)